What a summer this will be! Not long ago our sharks – video makers returned from festival festivāla “Kino Pedālis”,  but now we are preparing for other great projects of friends and our own.

But one thing at a time.

Great, pleasant fuss is about “Young Sharks Media 2017” summer camp that will be held for the fifth time in Kuldiga. For us each year it is a hard – working season until the autumn, that will bring together young people and experts in the fields of media, film and related industries from Latvia and other countries. They will be the lecturers of the workshops.

The best part  – when the camp ends, there is never the aftertaste of finally it’s over. Of course, there is team’s tiredness,  but on top of that happiness to meet so cool, talented young people from different countries. After visiting both sides – both the participant and the organizer – it is also clear, that this is an experience that changes lives. Apply, we want to meet you!

This year we are launching “Young Media House” that will offer young people a place for creative co-working and implementation of the initiatives.  We will look for new talents  – more about it soon, soon, soon!  At a starting line we have a brand new project “Viena komanda” (“One team”) – workshops for youth and elderly where participants will exchange experiences. Young people will teach elements of improvisational theater, together they will learn photography and film. Also, two workshops, which topics will be chosen by elderly and they will teach something new to young people.

Soon we will release in magazine’s “Choose” (“IZvēlies”) summer issue created by our sharks. In June, together with the organization “Young Folks LV” we will launch a youth initiative project “[rec:aktīvie] portreti” (“[rec:]active portraits”) – video interview series dedicated to Latvia’s 100th birthday. In these series young people will have opportunity to ask questions to bright personalities in Latvia.

From 30 June to 1 July our sharks will go to festival “LAMPA”, where we will demonstrate our short films and create video reviews.

Do you want to want to become one of the shark team? Start with applying for “Young Media Sharks 2017” summer camp!

 THANKS to our biggest supporter Federal Foreign Office in Germany  for  “Young Media House”, “Young Media Sharks 2017” and “Izvēlies”, Goethe institute in Riga, City of Kuldiga, Baltic-American Freedom Foundation un  RISEBA Univesity for “Young Media Sharks 2017”, Agency for International Programs for Youth in Latvia for  “Viena komanda”, “Civic Alliance – Latvia” for “[rec:] aktīvie portreti”  and Foundation DOTS for opportunity to take a part in “LAMPA”